I have a wide range of skills including computing, software and technology.

Primary Skills

Skill Years Comments
PHP 7 Used daily. High comfort level coding new applications from scratch, or modifying existing applications. Solid understanding of OOP. Experience with methodologies such as MVC and a variety of frameworks. Familiarity with many open source programs and libraries. Experience with e-commerce, enterprise software, content management systems, and web services.
XHTML/CSS 14 Able to create stylish, standards compliant websites. Most comfortable coding by hand.
Javascript/AJAX 7 Experience using Javascript to improve usability and style. Comfortable using the open source Prototype library, among others, DOM manipulation, JSON, and OOP.
Testing 7 High comfort level designing and testing software applications for the web.
SQL 7 Web application oriented knowledge of SQL. Lots of direct experience with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Access databases.
OOP 10 High comfort level designing and developing object oriented applications

Secondary Skills

Skill Years Comments
Apache 7 Comfortable with installation and configuration on most platforms. Basic level of troubleshooting ability.
MySQL 8 Longtime MySQL poweruser
Linux 8 Longtime GNU/Linux and Unix-like operating systems poweruser. Familiar with many desktop and server programs.
Windows 10 Longtime Windows poweruser.
Apple 20 Longtime Apple user.
Flash/Actionscript 5 Used occasionally. Knowledge of the basics.
UML 7 Can read and create at a basic level.
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Used for rapid prototyping before I started coding my HTML by hand, about 10 years ago.
Adobe Photoshop 12 Basic knowledge.

Tertiary Skills

Skill Years Comments
Perl 8 Primarily used for desktop scripting, cgi programing, regular expressions, experience with perl web applications / frameworks, knowledge of most major concepts.
Ruby 1 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with Ruby on Rails and WATIR.
C# / .Net 1 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with C# web applications hosted on GNU/Linux using Apache and mod_mono / mono.
PostgreSQL 4 Basic knowledge. Some personal experience with server installation and configuration
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