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Graham Brookins is a successful certified eZ Publish Developer and founder of Brookins Consulting, a leading eZ Partner in North America.

Graham offers value-added web application development and support, empowering local customers with web applications powered by php and eZ Publish. Graham has a strong focus on request fulfillment, best practices and continuous improvement. He was nominated for two eZ awards in 2007.

Graham asks 'Do you GNU? I do!'. [1]


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eZ Systems accepts, reviews and addresses issues brought up by Brookins Consulting contributed patches for eZ Publish CMS Kernel Libraries


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BC Content Diff Notifications - eZ Publish Content Object Changes Solution (Publishing)


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BC Static Shipping - eZ Publish Shipping Cost Solution (eCommerce)


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Bio reused with permission . The work "How to Use eZ Publish Extensions: Google Analytics" and "Installing an eZ Publish Payment Gateway" is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL).

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